Company Profile

Management philosophy

1.Provide excellent service

We will provide the best service to our customers

We will always promote “Excellent service” to our customers in “all employee management” and contribute to the local community.

2.Always improve, always challenge

Customer first principle

Every employee will always pay attention to the flow of the world and improvement points of our company, we will work with a spirit of challenge and create new value to our customers.

3.Organization by buddyship

Always have a helpful spirit

We will pursue happiness in both mind and spirit by thinking on our own, shifting to action, focusing on human resource development that can demonstrate leadership and aiming to improve humanity of all employees.


Company information · History

Corporate information / history of Eguchi Holdings Group

Company information · History


Message from the CEO

The CEOt of Eguchi Holdings Group, greetings and bio of Katsuyoshi Eguchi

Message from the CEO

Videos from the CEO

The CEO blog


IR information

We will introduce IR information of Eguchi Holdings from time to time.

IR information
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Group Companies

Group companies of the Eguchi Holdings Group

Eguchi Steel


Fujisan Solar and Wind Corporation

Fujisan Reality and Corporation
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