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The world's population is about 7.4 billion people as of 2017.
Among them, it is said that about 1.8 billion people are unable to use electricity routinely.
However, the electricity price has risen year by year and then there is also the problem of depletion of chemical fuels and the life that depends on the nuclear power plant. Approximately 3 billion people in 2030 are annoyed by electricity.

We think that clean, stable and safe energy are necessary if we look the next few years.

All employees have strong interests and we will work in the world. Every employee will brighten the world and make everyone in the world happy.

Management philosophy

We seriously contribute to society by delivering pleasure to all people involved

We promise to provide excellent service to customer.
We aim to become a professional group to be used worldwide with dreams and pride.

Solar Power Plant Construction Business


EPC Contractors You Can Leave Throughout

EGC is an EPC company that is able to do consistently from design to procurement to construction.
Since we do not entrust them to other companies, we can reduce expenses costs.
In addition, troubles of power plant facilities are often caused by lack of cooperation among other suppliers.
We are consistent in all aspects of that point. Our company has confidence in reliable treatment.
Stable operation will be possible and you can make profits as planned.

Provide high quality and cost-effective materials with our own brand

Since Eguchi Holdings, our the group company, has its own brand , EHJ products, we are able to offer it cheaper than getting materials from other company. Further, you are able to get a high-quality panel "Trina EHJ" tied up with Trina Solar cheaply through our own route.
We can supply high-quality equipment and materials, so you can operate it without damaging it more than necessary.

Maintenance is also responsible for expert engineers

The Eguchi Holdings Group also carries out maintenance with responsibility. It is common in the case that it is continued to operate while failing without noticing the trouble, and there was not enough power generation.
Since we will make detection and troubleshooting early by 24-hour remote monitoring system, we can maintain the state of power generation efficiency well.

Solar Lighting Performance Overseas

We established "Fujisan Solar and Wind Energy Corporation", a joint venture between Eguchi Holdings Co., Ltd. and We Are IT Inc. in the Philippines in 2015.

We are beginning to tackle the renewable energy business by selling solar modules, mounts, power conditioners etc which are necessary for solar power generation business.

In the Philippines there are areas where electricity is not yet passed. We aim to disseminate electricity supply infrastructure and contribute to the revitalization of the community's lifestyle and economy.

Renewable Energy Business


Contributing to popularization of renewable energy

In order to suppress global warming, it is necessary to greatly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is considered to be a major factor.
It is necessary to suppress the use of fossil fuels derived from oil, gas and coal, and to increase the use of "renewable energy" generated by sunlight. We would like to contribute to the spread of renewable energy both in Japan and overseas.

Achievement record

Our company's strength is to consistently undertake the process of engineering design, procurement of materials and construction. Please see our achievement record.


Company Profile

Company name EGC Corporation
Year of establishment 2017, April
Head office location Address 1002-4 Omori Morinoku-ku Nagoya-shi 463-0021 Japan
TEL 052-798-5811 / FAX 052-798-5812
Warehouse 148-1 Momoyama Kasugai 486-0802
TEL 0568-87-5655 / FAX 0568-87-5656
Board President Katsuyoshi Eguchi
Representative Director Hoshikawa Masato
Capital 20 million yen
Number of Employees 20
Business content ・Sales and construct of solar light system for residential use
・Sales and construct of solar light system for industrial use
· Sales and construct related to clean energy

Company History

2012 July organization change to Eguchi Holdings Co., Ltd.
   Organization change from HUTEX Corporation to Eguchi Steel
   Reinforcement Department and PV to Eguchi Steel
2016 July Start receiving Philippine student training
2017 April Organization change from Eguchi Steel to EGC Corporation