New graduates recruitment

Corporate sales division · executive candidate


HOSODA Shuhei  (sales department of NuZee JAPAN Co., Ltd)

We have an employee who is appointed as a general manager of business development office as soon as he joined the company.

Work information

Job category・Job description

【Photovoltaic Division】

We will propose a consistent business plan from the viewpoint of “asset management” to corporate entity, with solar PV power generation development from designing and construction to maintenance of power plants. 99% or more customers are repeaters.

【International business】

We will provide consulting services related to photovoltaic power generation development business in the Philippines and real estate business to property companies and corporations around the world. You can mainly use English and be at the forefront of business development.

【NuZeeJAPAN; Coffee business】

With a focus on coffee business, we aim to be the top 10 domestic beverage companies within 10 years. In the post office’s drink catalog, our coffee has won first place in sales, and now boasts over 5 million cups of sales a year. We aim to expand our sales channels further, and expand our own capsule coffee business, leaving enthusiastic sales activities.

Qualifications required

・Regular car license (required)
・High school degree and above
・Preferential treatment for language skill


We ask you to be engaged in business Have the awareness of manager mind cultivating the feeling that “If I was the president.” We are looking forward to seeing people who wants to enjoy life as a manager.

Application Requirements

Work location

・Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-shi Moriyama-ku Omori 4-chome 1002 (Head office)
・Aichi Nagoya City Naka-ku Marunouchi 3 – chome No. 6 27 EBS Building 4 F (Nagoya Branch)

Working hours

9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (8 hours working)


Initial salary 【Schedule upper limit of 200,000 ~ 300,000 yen】
The initial salary will decide depending on his / her abilities after discussing with our Representative Director
Please do your best for your future appeal to our representative!
※※ Preferential treatment for language skill and bonus are included in year bars.


・Raised salary
・Car commuting
・Parking lot
・Various Social Insurance
・Training trip
・Overtime allowance
・Ability allowance
・Training system
・Trial period 2 months

Holiday and vacation

・Week holiday; 2 days(Saturday and Sunday)
・Once a month on Saturday Attendance (internal training)
・Once a month on Saturday Attendance (internal training)
・Paid (granted for 10 days half a year after joining the company)
・Congratulations on holiday