Solar Power Development Project

As a solar power development project, we conduct five projects.


1.Solar power plant EPC business

About construction of an industrial solar power plant, we can consistently respond design, material procurement and construction. As an EPC business, we support total in order that customers can invest solar power with peace of mind.

Solar power plant EPC business


2.Solar power plant purchase business

Even when solar power plant investment is done, there are times when you release it for various reasons. For stable renewable energy production, we will respond with expensive purchase and prompt procedures and mediate to those who need it.

Solar power plant purchase business


3.Solar power plant sales business

We will provide high-yield solar power plants that can meet various needs of customers. We are making efforts to support environmental protection by solar power generation with everyone’s help.
Solar power plant sales business


4.Solar power station maintenance business

Some of the reality is that you can not properly operate solar power plants. We believe that we have a responsibility for maintaining the power plant so that we are also focusing on maintenance after operation.

Solar power station maintenance business


5.Solar power plant system material sales business

For efficient management of solar power plants, it is important to select appropriate materials that meet the conditions. We can offer materials of solar power generation system cheaper than many manufacturers. We also sell our own brand products that stick to cost-effectiveness and quality. We will sensitively catch information of latest technology and procure optimum materials.

Solar power plant system material sales business


case study

We introduce past solar power plant construction examples.

case study